02.03.16 – Open Mic – Original Songs – Karaoke Style at the Court Tavern

I’ve started presenting my original songs at the open mic nights.  They tend to have more difficult guitar accompaniments but tonight I presented my two original songs that do not include the guitar – “What Have I Done” (four part a capella) and “Othing-Nay” (voice and piano).  So much easier when all I have to do is sing.  Thanks, again, Brittney on Fire!


01.16.16 – Rutgers University Recital


Caro Mio Ben, Ave Maria and Les Berceaux


These are my only three classical pieces presented as a medley.  Notice my strange gesture to stop the applause at the end of Ave Maria.  I crashed and burned on Les Berceaux to begin my program so I surprised everyone by trying it again at the end.  You can’t practice nerves.

When you see the videography here you might not be surprised to learn I wasn’t able to get elected president of the Audio-Visual Club during any of my six years in high school.

12.16.15 – Court Tavern Open Mic

Things I’d Like To Say, Happy Man, Danny Boy, Yesterday, What Child Is This


Open Mic #45 since September (But who’s counting?).  It’s fun going out night after night and nervously putting it out there with all the other kids.  I experience humiliation, exhilaration and everything in between on a regular basis.


It’s fascinating how different the music is from each performer – much of the original music especially good and affecting.  I like to perform as early as possible so sometimes the “crowd” is small – I prefer to think discerning.  It’s fortunate to be at this stage of life and to be having so much fun both as a new performer as well as being inspired and entertained by the other musicians.


Thank you Brittney (On Fire) for putting on this great event week after week.