Everything is Alright


Everything is Alright

On a fam’ly camping trip,
My dad asks of me,
“How’s the world treating you?”,
Of me.

He never, ever asked me that before
. . . .
He never, ever, EVER asked that before,
Of me.

I tell him how I’m doing, how I’m feeling;
. . .
I look and in his eyes I see, he’s

          We don’t talk about our problems.
          We don’t admit we have these feelings.
          Everything is alright!
          I see.

He won’t ask me again.
He’ll never, ever, ask again.
I’ll never talk on and on and on and on and on

          I won’t talk about my problems.
          I won’t admit I have these feelings.
          I must always make things alright!
          I see.

          I see!

          He’s terrified of me.